Discover the Next Gen Vegan Collagen

COLLAWISE® Vegan Collagen Powder is fermented from Pichia pastoris. It is a patented recombinant technology that contains no animal components. This is a great option for consumers who prefer vegan-friendly and sustainable solutions.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a major structural protein that is a component of connective tissues. Adding collagen to your health routine can have valuable health benefits. Collagen has been shown to support skin hydration, joint health, elasticity, and smoothness.*

Why do we need Vegan Collagen?

Most collagen supplements on the market are from animal sources, which means consumers who live a vegan lifestyle avoid accessing these products.

COLLAWISE® Vegan Collagen is a solution that is made for all! Scientists have developed techniques to use microorganisms to produce recombinant human collagen.


Dietary Supplements

To explore the anti-aging effects of COLLAWISE® on the skin, contact our team for more details.